Dot Communications

Quality Internet access to the individuals and businesses of Australia

Dot Communications Pty Ltd was founded in 1991 and initially focused on electronic publishing. From August 1995, it has owned and operated an Internet communications network, providing secure, fast and reliable communications services.

Dot offers:

  • Dial-up Internet access
  • Free Internet connection software for PC and Macintosh computers
  • Commercial World Wide Web hosting and consulting
  • E-mail gateways and routing
  • Permanent dedicated Internet connections
  • Domain Name (DNS) registrations

Dot maintains a fully-redundant quality subnetwork of router, file server and Web server machines running Unix networking software. We are dedicated to reliable round-the-clock Internet access and make every effort to guarantee access even during peak periods.

Our Mission Statement

Dot is dedicated to bringing quality Internet access to the individuals and businesses of Australia. We place the needs of our customers and their ease of network connection and use above all else, and strive to maintain a friendly and supportive relationship.

What's the Dot Advantage?

  • Free Dot Customer Service
  • A company that understands you the Customer, and talks your language
  • Affordable and realistic pricing with no hidden charges

What does Dot Internet access provide?

Dot provides the full range of Internet services, such as surfing the World Wide Web, e-mail, the Internet Relay Chat, File transfer, and the Usenet News. You will need an IBM compatible PC or Macintosh and a 9600 baud or faster modem. Let us know if you would like details of modems we can supply at discount prices.

Like it or not the Internet is here to stay. Over sixty million people already use it. Thousands more hookup every day, you know you'll have to get on it one day, but right now you can't speak 'Geek'. Fear not help is at hand, here in plain English, are the answers everyone's looking for on the Internet. What is it? What's in it for me? And how do I get connected?

What is the Internet?

Imagine the telephone system with millions of computers connected instead of phones (via phone lines, as it happens). Connect to the system (the Net) and you can hook up to anyone of them.

But What am I likely to use it for?

Libraries, museums, units; they're all on the Net. If nothing else it's the worlds best reference library, whether you're working on a school project or trying to find out if Elvis had a brother? You can shop on the Net. Check out the options on the latest BMW or track down an obscure CD and have a listen before placing your order. Advance bank customers can do their banking (the other banks won't be far behind).

There are magazines and newspapers online, free software to download (including games) and exciting new stuff popping up every day. Then there's e-mail, more than a low cost 'fax' because it's instant, so you can chat with the person at the other end. Most people find they use a cocktail of services. Say you're going scuba diving in Turkey. Search scuba turkey to find maps, photos, wreck sites, special offers, exchange rates, weather, you name it. Then use News Groups to track down divers who've been recently and see what they thought before clicking on a travel agent to book tickets, hotels, even order your in-flight meal. Take our word for it, finding uses for your Net connection will not be a problem.

How do I stop my kids finding stuff they shouldn't?

On the Net, as in life, there are things you'd rather your kids didn't see. Which is why Dot, offer subscribers 'filter' software such as Net Nanny which restricts access to adult stuff.

Is the Net expensive?

Not with Dot. You pay a joining fee of $30 (plus $3.00 GST). Not only that, but we also cater to all types of users. From the true blue net heads, to the casual surfer! We've got it all! How about a 60 hour plan for only $29.95 per month (plus $3 GST). Or, 30 hours for $19.95 per month (plus $2 GST), 4 hours for $10 per month (plus $1 GST) and don't forget our high usage plan of 120 hours for $59.90 per month (plus $5.99 GST).

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